Therapeutic Exercise

Corrective exercise specific to your rehab needs leads to functional improvement with lasting results

Therapeutic exercise is used to help correct and restore neuromusculoskeletal function including mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and coordination. The goal of therapeutic exercise is to return an injured patient to a fully functioning, pain-free state. Loss of proper muscle and joint function are common effects that can lead to injury and/or be a result of injury. Therefore, it is extremely important that therapeutic exercise be considered as a part of your overall treatment plan. This form of therapy has been shown to be most effective in helping to improve function in more long-term, chronic (symptoms present for at least 3 months) conditions. It also has a role in helping to prevent future recurrences of injury.

Our assessment approaches including, The McKenzie Method and The Selective Functional Movement Assessment, help us to better guide the corrective and therapeutic exercise portion of your treatment plan. It is imperative that your exercises match your specific needs to provide the corrections necessary to help you improve with more rapid and lasting results. In fact, therapeutic exercise prescribed in a non-specific, generic approach without proper assessment could actually be detrimental and be training your dysfunctions!

In addition to therapeutic exercise, our clinic offers a full line of Fitness Training programs, including Group Fitness Classes, Semi-Private Training and Sports Performance Training to assist our patients, athletes and clients with their desires of achieving more active and healthy lifestyles through fitness and exercise. This component also acts as a great adjunct to those who have completed rehabilitation from an injury to help maintain and improve upon their recovery process as well as improving athletic performance! Our Fitness Trainers utilize the Functional Movement Screen to further decrease your risk of injury with training and improve performance to optimize your training experience

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