Why ChiroFitt?

Our focus is on providing our community with a full service functional therapy and training center. Our name originated from a chiropractic clinic that has evolved over time to meet our patients and clients needs, now including fitness training, massage therapy and nutritional coaching.

Why two “T”s in Fitt? Fitt stands for Functional Integrative Therapy & Training, which is exactly what we do; incorporate therapy and training under one roof (the T at the end of our logo is actually 2 T’s, one inside of the other, as we are the place where therapy and training come together!) to meet our patrons needs, we can service anything from pain to performance and everything in between. The four squares contained within our logo represent health, wellness, fitness and performance, which we believe to be the 4 parameters necessary to living your best life! Want to learn more about the services we offer to assist you in these areas of life, check out the services that we offer.

Our Mission

ChiroFitt strives to be a leader in the health, wellness, fitness and performance industry…focusing on a paradigm shift; rather than treating symptoms, we correct causative factors of physical pain, limitations, and dysfunction while improving flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, power and balance with an integrative approach combining innovative techniques in therapy, training, and conditioning to get the best outcomes for our community.

Our Vision

Leading our community to a better quality of life by eliminating pain, improving function, and promoting well-being with innovative evidence-based therapeutic and training strategies.

A Little About Us

Our Integrative and Collaborative approach to your health, wellness, fitness and performance provides a different and more strategic model of therapy and training. Our team of experts work together to allow you access to a library of knowledge in the clinical, health, and fitness industries to get the right answers and the right method of care for your condition. We pride ourselves in offering truly individualized plans, which is only possible from our collaborative approach and our highly skilled team who is here to assist you.

Our Core Values:

  • Ethical – honorable, well-accepted standards of care
  • Honesty – creating trust through truthful advice and professional care
  • Integrity – establishing confidence through a sound and reputable practice
  • Research – keeping up with the latest in scientific research to uphold and provide our community with the most current and advanced care available
  • Knowledge – Empowering our community by educating our patients and clients to know more about their ailments and provide them with the tools to better care for their health and fitness
  • Patient-centered – Our patients and clients are the primary reason for the passion of our practice
  • Patient-specific – individualized care and training for individual needs and concerns
  • Professional – our staff are certified and licensed professionals, here to offer you the best care possible for your condition
  • Education – improving our understanding of the most current therapeutic and fitness interventions; and diagnostic procedures through continuing education
  • Rapport – maintaining positive relationships and communication with other health care providers for better continuity of our patient’s overall care

Who We Are

Our staff prides themselves in exceptional customer service, individualized plans, and meeting the health, wellness, fitness, and performance needs of our patients and clients.

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