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At ChiroFitt, We Are Much More Than Just a Gym!

In addition to offering a full line of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation services, ChiroFitt also offers a full service Gym specializing in Functional Fitness Training. Our facility is unique in that we expand upon our health and wellness based services by providing fitness training to assist in mobility, stability, strength, power and balance. Our focus is on functional fitness, making you strong for life, not just gym strong!  We have a training plan for everyone, whether you prefer to workout in a group setting or independently. Our sessions are 30 minute, focused sessions to give you the work necessary to meet your goals and also meet your scheduling needs. Our plans start with a stress-free fitness assessment to discuss your goals, current health and fitness status to develop the right program for you. Our fitness based services are also a great adjunct for our rehabilitation patients once they have received our therapeutic services and have recovered from their injuries, building fitness beyond injury recovery is a great way to significantly reduce your risk of a future recurrence.

Goals and Benefits of Fitness Training

1. Live Healthier

2. Move Better

3. Feel Better

4. Get Stronger

5. Get Leaner – lower your body fat %

6. Improve Flexibility

7. Improve Balance

8. Make Fitness a Priority

9. Train for a Specific Event

10. Reduce Stress

11. Eat Healthier

12. Find Consistency with Your Workouts

13. Boost Your Immune System

14. Lower Blood Pressure

15. Improve Cholesterol Levels

16. Injury Prevention

17. Challenge Your Comfort Zone

18. Establish Healthy Habits

19. Set Realistic Goals

20. Improve Longevity



Our Stress-Free Strategy session is an opportunity for you to meet with our staff and visit our facility without any obligation. We want to make it very easy and comfortable for you to walk through our door and discover what our facility has to offer. Just show up and we will handle the rest!

All levels welcome


Fitness Assessment

Goal Planning

Action Plan Creation

A Spot in Our Intro Class (see below)



A group training class that will introduce you to our training approach here at ChiroFitt. This class is for anyone who is considering training with us and would like to attend a class prior to committing to a full training plan. There is no charge for this class, however a $5 donation to be collected for a local charity (charity chosen monthly) is much appreciated.

All levels welcome

30 minute


Mobility-focused group training class with emphasis on decreasing tension through stretching regions of tight muscle and improving joint mobility.

30 minute


Strength-focused group training class with an emphasis on building functional strength, stability, and balance while maintaining good mobility.

30 minute


A HIIT (high intensity interval training) group class with an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance through interval training. In this class, with the use of our MyZone heart rate monitors, you will experience an enhanced training effect that will provide a significant fat loss effect!

30 minute



We offer a range of training programs suitable for everyone from beginners to pros, from teens to seniors. Our goal is to help you reach your goal. It’s as simple as that. Come to our gym to work hard, and you’ll be joined by plenty of people doing the same thing. Our Semi-Private Training also includes our fitness consultation & assessment to help more specifically guide your training program.


30 minute



Our Golf Fitness Program is for those who want to improve their physical ability to effectively play the game of golf. The sport of golf and the repetitive rotation that is involved in swinging a golf club requires many regions of our body to be able to properly move and stabilize. Our Golf Fitness Program through the Titleist Performance Institute is tailored to players of all levels and abilities.

All levels welcome

30-45 minute


For athletes who are serious about competition, we offer Sports Performance Training individualized to your body, your sport and your goals.

All levels welcome

30-60 minute

Fitness Training Pricing

Unlike some other fitness training facilities, we have nothing to hide when it comes to our pricing. We believe in what we do and believe your cost for our fitness training services will be well worth your investment! We do not need any further information than your commitment to us and our commitment to you to help you reach your fitness goals. In addition, we also offer a no-obligation opportunity to come check out our facility, talk to our coaches and experience a fitness training session here at ChiroFitt. The only cost to you is the time necessary to sign up for our No-Stress Fitness Strategy Session and the 45 minutes to come experience our facility for yourself!

Group Class Pricing

2x/week, 8 sessions/month: $144

3x/week, 12 sessions/month: $199

10 session package: $189

Pay by Class


Members: $15/class

Semi-Private Pricing

2x/week, 8 sessions/month: $249

3x/week, 12 sessions/month: $299

Flex Packages

Get the best of both worlds by combining Semi-Private Training (SPT) with Group Fitness Classes (GFC) in one package.

2x/week, 4 SPT & 4 GFC/month: $235

3x/week, 6 SPT & 6 GFC/month: $275


Our Fitness Advanced Certifications

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