Sports Performance Training

Dominate Your Sport. Be Unstoppable.

For athletes who are serious about competition, we offer advanced Sports Performance Training individualized to your body, your sport and your goals. Every athlete has different needs based upon their current movement patterns, sport, position and/or event. Our training process begins by determining your current level of movement and injury risk with our Functional Assessments. Our Functional Assessments help us determine whether or not there is a need for corrective exercise to restore mobility and stability to the body to decrease your risk of injury and ensure proper training patterns prior to beginning Performance Training. In other words, we use corrective exercise to “tune your body” in preparation for Performance Training. This “tuning” will significantly reduce your risk for injury and sets the stage for you to dominate your sport with a body that is prepared to truly accept the physical demands of Performance Training with optimal response and gains.

Prior to Performance Training, we will establish baselines with our Performance Assessments to help us design an individualized training plan targeted to your specific needs, monitor your progress throughout training, and make sound judgement in how to progress your training plan.

Our Performance Training focuses on the development of:

  • Functional Movement

  • Flexibility and Mobility

  • Balance and Stabilization

  • Basic Strength

  • Core Development

  • Hypertrophy

  • Maximal Strength

  • Speed

  • Power

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