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Weight No Longer...Lose the Weight!

Our Supervised Weight Loss program has helped thousands of people to a leaner, healthier way of life. Our objective is to help our dieters set and achieve their weight loss goals, while educating them on how to make healthier food choices. Though losing weight is never easy, our supervised program is designed to give our dieters a very well defined plan that makes the process much more simple.

Our plan is predictable, measurable and repeatable. With compliance to our protocol, women will lose 2-3 pounds per week and men will lose 4-5 pounds per week. The ability to safely and effectively lose weight at these rates makes weight loss goals obtainable and a reality for many. Once your goals are reached, we highly recommend following our weight loss program with our 12-month nutritional coaching program to help you maintain your weight over the long term.

In addition to helping with weight loss our weight loss program has many other wonderful benefits. These other benefits include:

  • Reducing the risk of Type II diabetes with lowering blood sugar

  • Reducing the risk and helping to lower high blood pressure

  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease including heart disease and stroke

  • Reducing the risk of liver and gallbladder disease

  • Reducing the risk of sleep apnea

  • Reducing the risk of osteoarthritis

  • Promoting vitality, energy, and self-confidence

  • Supporting better memory and cognitive function

Top 5 reasons why our Supervised Weight Loss program is successful

1. Medically Developed Program

Weight Loss is not just about calorie restriction, it is more about the quality of those calories. In other words, what types of foods and nutrients you are consuming during weight loss determines the effectiveness of the program. The core of our Supervised Weight Loss program is grounded in reversing insulin dysfunction and learning to live off the body’s own fat reserves. The program focuses on restricting carbohydrate intake, limiting fat intake and consuming proper levels of quality protein to help maintain your muscle mass while burning fat reserves for energy.

2. Coaching & Support

One of the keys to your success – both when losing weight, as well as maintain it – is the weekly support you’ll receive from our personal coach. Our coach is there to help you set and reach your weight loss goal as well as keep you accountable and track your progress with you. You will meet with our coach one-on-one weekly. During these coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss and review your prior week including your weekly dietary journal. Weekly weigh-ins and measurements will also be done to help track your progress. These sessions will also provide encouragement, tips and advice, along with valuable feedback so that your time with us is both effective and enjoyable.

Your coach will help you problem-solve any upcoming food-related challenges, such as happy hour with co-workers, eating out with friends, holidays, birthday parties, and cooking for a family when you’re on our Supervised Weight Loss program.

Your coach is also a resource for the emotional and psychological challenges which often accompany a weight loss journey. We help you come up with alternative ways to celebrate, de-stress, and care for yourself other than with food. We also help you see and understand how to proactively arrange things to help you be prepared for unpredictable situations. Finally, we help you stay connected to your deep, personal motivation for your journey.

3. Education

Education is one of the keys to helping you successfully maintain your weight loss. Our Weight Loss program offers numerous methods to assist with education during your weight loss journey and continues during maintenance once you have reached your weight loss goals. You will have access to one-on-one coaching sessions plus the ability to log into our web portal that will provide you with educational videos and cooking videos.

4. Communication with your other physicians

Though losing weight is a positive health change, it is still a change. As a result, we feel that it is extremely important to maintain communication with your other healthcare providers during your time on our weight loss program. This communication is especially important for any of our dieters who are currently being medically treated for diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or high cholesterol. All of these conditions, typically rapidly improve concomitant with losing weight while on our program. As a result, there may be a need for an adjustment in your medications that you are taking to help control these conditions as prescribed by your medical doctor. Many of our dieters have been able to reduce and/or eliminate medications as they have been able to control these conditions by improving their diet and losing weight. Communication with your medical doctors keeps them appraised of your progress and the potential for a change in your medications.

5. Variety of food choices

While on our weight loss program, you will be consuming 3 foods directly from our program. With a variety of over 60 different food types, there is something for everyone. Some of our varieties include shakes, soups, omelets, cereals, pudding, pancakes, chips, oatmeal, protein bars, as well as doritos and rice crispy treats. Whether you like sweet, salty, crunchy, or spicy food there is something for you to satisfy your cravings and needs while on the plan.

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