A group training class that will introduce you to our training approach here at ChiroFitt. This class is for anyone who is considering training with us and would like to attend a class prior to committing to a full training plan. There is no charge for this class, however a $5 donation to be collected for a local charity (charity chosen monthly) is much appreciated.

All Levels Welcome

30 Min


Mobility-focused group training class with emphasis on decreasing tension through stretching regions of tight muscle and improving joint mobility.

All Levels Welcome

30 Min


Strength-focused group training class with an emphasis on building functional strength, stability, and balance while maintaining good mobility.

All Levels Welcome

30 Min


A HIIT (high intensity interval training) group class with an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance through interval training. In this class, with the use of our MyZone heart rate monitors, you will experience an enhanced training effect that will provide a significant fat loss effect!

Intermediate to Advanced

30 Min

Monitor Your Results & Never Train Alone!

We offer the MyZone heart rate monitoring system in our facility. This system provides you with an extremely accurate heart rate and fitness monitor that help you see your results in real time while working out in our facility. Your MyZone monitor can also be used outside of our office through the MyZone app, which will help you to reach your fitness goals! The data collected from the monitor integrates with most other wearables and apps. Don’t just take our word for it, see your results from our classes for yourself with this amazing technology!

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